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面试英文自我介绍 篇1

I was born in a small village of Shan Dong province on April 4th, xx. When I was young, my family was very poor, so I had to work to earn money to help my parents after class when I was in the middle school.

In xx I was admitted by University of International Business and Economics (or: UIBE) to pursue a bachelor degree in Economics. My major is accounting in Department of International Business Management. The undergraduate education gave me a wide range of vision and taught me how to cooperate with others. I developed several professional interests in Accounting, Finance, and International Trade.

The following eight-year working experience offered me a good chance to give full play to my creativity, intelligence and diligence. In xx-xx, I worked as an assistant to funding manager in China National Technical Import and Export Corporation. In xx-present, I was employed by China Kingdom Import and Export Corporation to be the Manger of Financial and Accounting Division.

I do believe that with my hard early life, solid educational background and ample working experience, I would be an excellent student of you MBA program.


After graduating from UIBE, I was employed as the assistant to the funding manager by China National Technical Import and Export Corporation. After reading a lot of related files, and analyzing the overall funding situation of the corporation, I found that the loan policy was not been put into effect. So we have thousands of millions RMB loan with very high interest rate while a large amount of cash in bank with very low interest rate was idle. I reported this to my supervisor, and then we studied and revised the loan policy. This revision saved the corporation approximately RMB thirty millions yuan. In order to raise the funding effectiveness, after one year’s hard work, I developed the internal banking system within the corporation based on the actual funding supply and need of the different divisions and projects. This internal banking system made full use of the corporation’ funding resources, and due to this, I was highly praised by the president of the corporation.


After I have worked in business area for eight years, I feel that I need to continue my education by pursuing a Master degree in business administration. I have practiced my professional expertise in accounting, demonstrated my leadership abilities and perfected my communication skills. But I have yet to become an entrepreneur in my own right, and to fully master the art of modern business. I want to be trained more vigorously in scientific methods of analysis and synthesis. There are a lot of opportunities and challenges in China that I do not yet fell fully confident to seize. My business career has so far benefited mostly the companies that I worked for, but a good business education in your university will probably become a new era for me.

Your university is well known for its excellence in China’s business education. I am sure that, with my extensive business experience, I can be a worthy student of yours. I am anxious to benefit from your seasoned guidance and take advantage of your research facilities.

面试英文自我介绍 篇2

Good afternoon (morning), professors:

It is my great pleasure to be here. My name is mingmingzhou , graduated from Computer Science Department of Wuhan University.During my four-year study in the university as an under-graduate student, I have built up a solid foundation of professional knowledge, as well as a rich experience of social activities. I am a determined person, always willing to achieve higher goals.

What's more, I am good at analysis, with a strong sense of cooperation. All of these led me to the success of passing the first round of the entrance examination to the Master's degree. Personally, I am very humorous and easy-going, enjoying a good relationship among my classmates.

In my spare time, I like to read books regarding how to be myself and how to deal with problems. Music and movies are my favorite entertainments. As for my sport interest, I could not deny my greatest interest is football. Playing this game brings me a lot of glory, happiness and passion.

All in all, Wuhan University, with a highly qualified faculty and strong academic environment is the university I have long admired. I believe that I am a very qualified applicant for admission into your Master of IT program and can contribute to the eichment or diversity of your university.


面试英文自我介绍 篇3








Teachers, good afternoon. Allow me to briefly talk about myself.

My name is - Xianning graduated from the south gate of the private secondary schools. Tourism now studying at the school in Hubei Province. Studying hotel management professional.

I was a character, cheerful girl, so my hobbies is extensive. Sporty. In my spare time likes playing basketball, table tennis, volleyball, skating. When a person like the Internet at home, or a personal stereo. Not like too long immersed in the world of books, and family members have told me, Laoyijiege is the best. Talking about my family, then I will talk about my family has. Only three people my family, my grandmother, grandfather and my own. My grandfather is a engineer, I am very severely on peacetime, the Church me a lot. Grandma is a very kindly for the elderly, care for my life in every possible way. Therefore, I have no parents in their care, childhood and growth were full of joy.

I like this hotel management professional, because I like to live in a strict order of the management environment. I have my professional self-confidence and hope, as long as the efforts will be fruitful, this is my motto. Since I chose this profession, I will follow this path, effort, perseverance path. Thank you teachers. I finished presentation.

面试英文自我介绍 篇4

for reference onlygood morning ! everyone! (or ladies and gentlemen)

it is my great honor to have this opportunity to introduce myself. and i hope i could make a good performance today, eventually become a member of your school. now let me introduce myself please. i’m a graduate student from maoming university . my name is tom ,21 years old. , born in maoming. guangdong province . my major is english, and i will graduate this june.

in the past 3 years,i spent most of my time on english studying and practise. i have a good command of both spoken and written english and past cet-4 with a ease. skilled in use of office XX, excel. my graduate school training combined with my cadet teacher should qualify me for this particular job.

although perhaps i’m not the best among the candidates, but with my strong knowledge background and full enthusiasm for education, i am sure i will satisfy you well.

as a college student, i concentrated on studying modern teaching technology. i have acquired enough essential and fundamental knowledge of english teaching in the past three years. since september XX, with great interest, i have been doing student cadre for almost each semester and formed good team-work spirits. it also kindly provided me crucial guidance to analyze interpersonal relationship. my teachers and classmates describe me as a reliable and considerate person. other than my major study, i have master a great skills in computer operation.

one month as cadet teacher in the march of XX, not only did i obtain enough first hand experience in my field but also gradually realized that the career i have chosen is sacred and significant. therefore, i am determined to become a diligent, hardworking, and responsible educator.

last but not least, i will be fully committed and i am confident to work efficiently and meticulously under pressure as a competent team member. i welcome the opportunity to speak with senior management further regarding my qualifications for the position.

thank you very much for your attention!

面试英文自我介绍 篇5

As a fresh graduate majoring in auto mechanics. During the school period, I always aim to improve my comprehensive quality and strive for the overall development of myself, and set up a correct outlook on life, values and world view. Through the four years of study and life, and took part in the social practice for many times, I have a healthy outlook on life, the correct political orientation, have certain ability to analyze and solve problems, has the strong beginning ability.

I have a solid knowledge of professional knowledge and a certain knowledge of automobile management. A large number of books and periodicals in the library. I understand the development trend of China's auto industry, especially the after-market service area. Know the development status and trend of automobile maintenance industry. I am good at learning new knowledge methods, analyzing and solving problems. I am able to use the Internet to query auto maintenance data and collect the latest information of the industry.

Down-to-earth is a basis for a foothold in the society, and also a word I always remember. Have good professional quality and professional ethics, can be loyal to own enterprise, the personal career planning and the enterprise development close combination. Innovative, good at creating, able to work under high pressure; Hard work, pay attention to cooperation, have the young fire same enthusiasm and vitality.

To be a technology, to manage, to be good at the automobile people. Will be the goal I have been working hard and striving for. Of course, I am not necessarily the best in the society of this talented person, but I will work hard to be in this excellent line. To realize their social value in China's automobile industry.